Singer Songwriters | 70’s Classic Rock

1970’s Carole King, James Taylor, Carly Simon, Cat Stevens, Harry Nilsson, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, Paul Simon

Take a close look at the talent and music that still lives on today

First there was Top 40 AM Radio where many of the above wrote songs that they themselves performed or others performed (IE: Carole King – “Locomotion” covered by Grand Funk Railroad or Harry Nilsson covering BadFinger/Pete Hamm’s “Without You”), then came FM Stereo Radio and AOR or Album Oriented Rock that produced this long lasting music like Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the moon, that was forever a best seller way past it’s original release date. Quadrophenia and Tommy- by the Who, Pete Townshends work meant to be listened all the way through on the black vinyl. The Singer Songwriters of the 1970’s also were interconnected in Los Angeles, such that a song like “Take it Easy” written by Jackson Browne was covered by the Eagles who made it famous and both were friends and part of the Coldwater and Laurel Canyon groups who communed and lived near each other. Janis Joplin, who moved from Texas to San Francisco to the Haight Ashbury Scene in the late 1960’s and co-wrote and recorded many popular blues based tunes. Paul Simon was from New York and his Simon and Garfunkel classic rock era song’s like “Sound of Silence”, received recent attention by Disturbed covering it. On the other side of the Atlantic Singer Songwriters like Nick Drake of England is not mentioned enough. He had some of the most diverse sets of guitar tunings and songs over his short career. Pink Moon was one of my favorites.