Shred Guitar Masters | Satriani, Vai, G3

Studying Guitar From The Masters is amazing

Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani all have seminars, lessons online and they are really inspiring to watch the true masters, who truly do love the guitar and performing and living their dream. Then you have guys with hypersonic speed like Yngwie Malmsteen, John Petrucci and Michael Angelo Batio the later two have contributed with lessons in guitar magazines and on DVD. The enthusiasm all these guys bring to inspire us… (either that or as a friend of mine once said as we left the first G3 Concert at the Hollywood Bowl- just go home and burn our guitar’s since we will never ever be as good as them, haha) Shred Guitar if you want to classify it as such is certainly an amazing dedication to the musical instrument brought to us by Les Paul and Leo Fender- that turned the music “industry” inside out, especially when Jimi Hendrix change the world’s outlook on what an Electric Guitar could do and what it was all about. Today, thanks to music education, there are 1000’s of shredders around the world. You can literally watch videos non-stop of amazing guitarists in all countries. The Flame of Rock is being carried by those who study the instrument, and the world needs to hear more song writing by all this amazing talent. The lifeblood of Rock is the song, not the instrument itself and being able to play sweep arpeggios at 300 bpm to impress the world. It’s about lyrical quality melodic structures and song craftsmanship which includes good phrasing, and constructing good riffs, licks and hooks that will keep it alive for generations. If you are a young guitarist and reading this, just remember that it’s about the song- not about your guitar solo. It’s about the audience and what they enjoy- writing a memorable solo that someone can actually sing in their head as the song plays on their Android or iPhone- that is the key. Being able to rip up and down the neck and deliver 10,000 notes while it is great to have fun, but when it comes to being musical- it simply isn’t anything but finger gymnastics.