Rock Music is Dead ?

So Says Gene Simmons.  John Bon Jovi stated that “Steve Jobs killed the Music Business”.  Who else makes such proclamations?  Certainly not Axel Rose who sang for both AC/DC and Guns N Roses Reunion tours in 2016.  These (2) Rock Guitar tours were top grossing ticket wise.  The Rolling Stones keep at it at advanced age and Black Sabbath did a farewell tour, but ZZ Top keeps on Rockin’.  Sure plenty of country and pop concerts garner attention like Garth Brooks and Madonna tours in 2016.  Steven Tyler decided to move to Nashville, so he defected outside of Rock.  But is Rock Dead?  Maybe it is in the USA somewhat, as it has been for quite sometime.  Hmmm.  I don’t think so if you view the rest of the world like European and Latin American Concert audiences who still want to rock.  Pick up a guitar and get out there.  Learn to play.  Spread the word, study from the masters and the songwriters of the best years in the late 1960’s to the 1980’s.   And, of course don’t forget about the 90’s era.