Guitar Club Concerts

Whether it be Classic Rock, Heavy Metal or Shred Instrumental Music, it's all guitar oriented music.  Best enjoyed if you can in small venues. Take a historical look here from the Sunset Strip and Los Angeles Heyday.

Classic Rock Guitarists

Here is a growing list of Classic Rock Guitars, their famous licks, riffs, songs and more.

Free Guitar Lessons

Learn to play guitar for FREE.

Metal Guitar

Heavy Metal Guitarists of all sub-genres.

Singer Songwriters

Singer Songwriters who focus on mainly acoustic derived songs, that have the hooks and melodies we all enjoy

Guitar Tablature

Learning to play guitar today is easier than ever, learn to read guitar tablature.

Shred Guitar Masters

Here are the guys that have true mastery of all.  Shredding up and down the neck effortlessly, creating complex riffs at lighting speeds.  Putting together modal scales, arppegios, cool chord voicings, melody, great phrasing and more.

Music Education For All

We as a people need to focus on the good in life.  The news is filled with political discourse, major negativity and just plain garbage.  If you prefer to sit at home on the couch and watch mindless sitcoms or the regurgitated hollywood movies- well this isn't for you.  There are so many pastimes and hobbies and things to do in our lives.  Being creative is well... not for everyone.  If you have spare time on your own, and want to create- make time to learn music. And, if you have a passion for music, and want to learn about it, teach yourself or children.  Go to concerts, support your local music scene- spend money at the venues that host these events- keep the music alive and well.  Music can be played and enjoyed your entire life- whereas sports, well you are limited to being physically fit enough when you are 50+ to play team sports. Most of us aren't that motivated.  But you can pick up a guitar at any age.  Your own personal motivation is the only thing that is stopping you!  Support music education in schools, online and everywhere.  It is a great way to keep sane in an insane and violent world.

Join in

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