Guitar Tab and Guitar Tablature

Opened the World To Easy Learning

Since the Mid 1990’s this form has taken off to now state of the art with tools like Guitar Pro They also have a paid songbook service for prepared tab’s you can rent.
The largest repository of Free Guitar Tab on the internet remains at Ultimate Guitar, they collected together all the old usenet groups ASCII tabs and have grown into this monster website, all off the hard work of free contributors around the world. However, as a guitarist with more than 30 years experience take my word for it. Be careful. More than a few of these tabs are of questionable quality as far as accuracy. You really have to plow through them, and as a beginner it can be self defeating to learn something the incorrect way. But it’s free. It’s a good starting point sometimes when you are searching for chords and lyrics. Another Resource is Songsterr which has a collection of guitar tabs. If you really want to get into learning guitar solo’s from some great instructors in all genres you are best to stick with the paid professionals like England’s Lick Library I have always been impressed with their instructors: Danny Gill, Michael Casswell, Stuart Bull, Jamie Humphries, and Andy James. Lick Library has a free guitar tab magazine available for free guitar lessons at Guitar Lesson and Guitar Gear Reviews