Classic Rock Concerts at Clubs

Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, Hollywood Area

Venues: The Roxy, Whisky A Gogo, Gazarri’s, The Starwood, Kroq Carbaret, The Masque, The Palace

Larger Venues and outside LA: The LA Forum, Long Beach Arena, Long Beach Auditorium, Hollywood Palladium, Santa Monica Civic, Ventura Theatre, Cuckoo’s Nest, Dancing Waters, International Club-Pico Rivera, Casablanca, Madame Wong’s, Key Club.

Quiet Riot with Randy Rhoads, 1979 The Starwood

Van Halen 10th year anniversary return to Whisky 1986

Motley Crue- The Starwood 1981

Rodney Bingenheimer- Mayor of Sunset Strip Documentary

New York City

Documentary on CBGB’s