Black Sabbath Final Concert

Black Sabbath Final Concert
Birmingham, England

The Heavy Metal Pioneers Final Show

It amazes me, the interest and longevity of Black Sabbath. A band whose music really isn’t at all mainstream in anyway, they have had a long career up and down for nearly half a century… hmmm. Scary. 1/2 a Century? I saw them with Ronnie James Dio, and Rainbow earlier for that matter with RJD. One concert that Sabbath played had the Ramones opening. Wow, what a mismatch by the promoters- the fan’s all booed off the Ramones the entire opening set. I always liked the Ramones, but that wasn’t cool at the time.

In High School learning Bass, “Sweet Leaf” was that easy to play Riff my guitarist friend and I would play over and over again. Neither of us had any money, I had a  Kustom 15″ Altec Speaker loaded into the Keyboard/Bass Amp. My amp is similar to the link but had only one speaker and the amplifier was not separate- it sure was unique looking, like the inside of Chevy Impala low rider car upholstery job from Tijuana, it was covered in this white metal flake Naugahyde, and folded tuck and roll style covering on it. I played a Red Fender Musicmaster Bass like that guy in the video has and Joe… well he had his really cheap Japanese copy guitar it was a Les Paul copy he bought in a pawn shop, I know that sounds cliche’, but true. The guitar brand I don’t recall, the Japanese copies then were terrible manufactured quality as I recall. But the best part was that he had an amplifier, yes it was an audio amplifier he yanked from an old wooden TV console stereo, that was popular back then. You probably have seen them on 1970’s re-run’s such as the Brady Bunch. We both had no money, but he was much worse off than me. This amplifier was actually ripped from this console stereo he found in an alley, and put into a cardboard shoe box. This is not some fabricated crazy story at all, 100% truth. A shoe box carton was how he carried this amplifier half exposed wires and the circuit boards. The speaker I don’t recall, he had to tweak the cables to get it to operate, and with the distortion and vibration it would simply quit without warning. It was however, solid state. No tubes. Amazing at this moment thinking back and remembering this time in my life and putting that song in my head now and reading about their final gig. I recall also while in my commercial art class, we were asked to “redesign” an album cover. I chose “Master of Reality”, their plain black cover. My design was nothing to replace it, but it was a project. I never made it to Cal Art’s Design Center Art School as I dreamed about, but was sent off by my father to work in a factory probably as dirty as the one Ozzy’s friends worked at in Industrial Birmingham, England.

Sabbath really has easy songs to play, especially if you are a bigger and their riff’s together with a cheap amp and distortion, give you a lot of enthusiasm to learn guitar. If you are a beginner and are into listening to 70’s Rock, learn songs by Black Sabbath. Not only they fun, but great songs to begin with that will give you immediate results.

Sweet Leaf is a good one. All two string power chords and I am sure that it was part of the final set list that Ozzy sang at the Black Sabbath Final Concert

Enjoy the guitar lesson above to learn to play sweet leaf an easy beginner guitar lesson to learn if you are new and learning guitar as a beginner song.