Album Cover Art

Before boring plastic CD’s, there was Record Album Cover Art

I love people that document art, and historically significant things like the pop art found on many Album Covers. Album covers were partly the reason why many of us made a decision and bought records especially if we did not know the entire artist’s song repertoire from previous purchases. I am going to order the above book to reflect on the collection I once had, that is no more that I gave away, all that vinyl. The most famous agency responsible for many great album cover art designs I recall was Hipgnosis on Pink Floyd  as I recall when Pink Floyd released “Wish you were here”, they actually disguised the internal cover with opaque dark blue plastic wrap to keep it a mystery. UFO’s album cover art was some of my favorite of all their work. The website has a real who’s who list of artists that the album cover art is a lasting effect on the 70’s-90’s designs. H.R. Giger most famous for his design of the Alien creature, did the famous artwork for the 1973 Emerson Lake and Palmer Brain Salad Surgery album, which was in itself a art phenomenon for the time period. HR Giger has his museum with avast collection of work available to be seen by the public and can be viewed in person if you go to Switzerland. The train ride is comfortable for a day trip to the small town of Gruyeres which is roughly 3 hours from Zurich and well worth the trip to see his fascinating collection of airbrush art and sculptures. One of the most intriguing mixtures of bio mechanical artwork mixed with erotica and science fiction all together. H R Giger has influenced many tattoo artists as well, and Ibanez had a guitar designed by him. An article from Heavy Metal Magazine also talks about his influence