Guitar Music Must Be Kept Alive.  It's dying.

If you are a true music fan, and you love Rock Guitar- be it Classic Rock, Metal, Shred, Acoustic or others, you should have concern.  The audience has changed.  Just look at any recently recorded DVD Concerts- who do you see in the audience?  Old people, like me.  Unlike the 60's-80's when Classic Rock ruled the Airwaves and all our lives, there are fewer and fewer young people in the Audiences.  I hate to sound pessimistic, but young musicians are not being heard and their audiences need to grow.  Nostalgia concerts only last a short time.  We need fresh blood, that means if you are 15-25- now is your chance to make a difference.  Anybody can buy beats, loops and create dance music.  Anybody can buy a turntable and scratch.  Anybody can buy a microphone and yell obscenities and rap.   But.... Not everybody can play a guitar.  Is that you?  Are you passionate about Keeping Guitar Music Alive?  I am.